baby come back

My blog came back! Sort of… I lost the domain name a while ago but it’s pending release or reknewal so here’s hoping – but in the meanwhile I got quite attached to WakeMummyMake … maybe I’ll just put things out there twice until I can decide.

More importantly… welcome to the world baby Esther  Joy Elizabeth! My new baby niece arrived to the adoration of her parents, 3 siblings, 4 grandparents and numerous aunties, uncles and friends.

And congratulations also to all the new mummies I’m privileged to know – Rachel J, my long life friend whose also seen the abundance of God … 2 beautiful girls born so close together! What an answer to prayer, I hope Lily and Neve strengthen each other as they grow, and bring beauty and grace to you and Matt and Josh.

Joy – He IS an Albie! I knew you;d find the perfect name, and he perfectly fits into your family, and I love how it feels like we’re welcoming him into a real community, a future, a togetherness, a turn-around. You’ve never let life’s struggles overcome it’s successes, and this little boy is going to live life to the fullest of the promises of God. Please meet us at the airport for a cuddle….

Rachel S – you are an example of grace through trials, and your gorgeous little caterpillar ted has already started his story of the glory and goodness of his maker.

Maria R – Michael is so sweet, he belonged in your arms even long before he arrived because your huge heart has always been turned toward knowing God and nurturing others.

Heather CF – we’re soooo pleased for you and Simon and Michael – the family that was always meant to be – I hope your little man grows up secure in the knowledge of the depths from which he was wanted. You are such a focussed, devoted couple and I hope he learns how to take hold of life in the way that you both have.

Please all keep posting your pictures – every, EVERY new baby brings a blessing. To their family, to the world… I love to see the way yours are making this life more loving for everyone.

So, baby Doherty Number 8, we’re sending you so much love from Miami. I’ve been on the hush – but somehow, little lady, the birth of your new voice inspired me to find mine again.

We named Stella for her destiny, so that she would always dare to dream high – and Esther is also the persian word for ‘star’ – I hope that you, Stella and all of your cousins will encourage each other towards the heavens.


Your hebrew name is Hadasseh, or myrtle tree. Did you know, new baby niece, that these evergreens are known for their deep, deep roots? They drawn minerals up from the soil that are out of reach for other trees, and this rich soil gives them such an abundance of blossom, and a beautiful grain of wood. Esther, we pray that you’ll plumb the depths of God’s love drawing up strength and wisdom that will bear fruit in your life, in all seasons.

Of course, with your daddy’s infectious laugh, your mums ready smile (and Caleb’s cheeky, charming, grin) you’ll live joyfully. We can’t wait to discover what delights you’re going to bring to your family, as you model the goodness of God and his warm, fun heart for families.

And then we’re back to blessing – because Elizabeth means God is my oath and my fortune, and represents the abundance of God. So, small one, we’re praying that you always walk sure of the promises of God, and live joyfully in their blessings. That like your namesake, you walk right with Him, always quick to say YES to all that he places in your heart.

Honey, you were born for such a time as this.

And what an all american time your cousins are enjoying! Hush on the blog hasn’t been deliberate but a sensible sort of silence – we needed some time to settle down, be still, ask questions, hear answers, change. Not especially fun reading, at least not easy writing, but definitely essential experiences.

Frame Collection 1

I’m so grateful for having Ben around, our toddler has been, er…. toddler-ing a lot, and having backup has been a great blessing. From Ben and Pastor Cesar and Pastora Claudia! It seems Mattias and Stella are of a similar temperament; strong but big hearted. The Pastors have helped Mattias develop into such a sweet natured child so I’m confident the babe will  get there soon. My rhema for her life was based on the story of the stick turning bitter waters sweet… she’s got the strength to move in the power of the spirit to bring change, through the cross, and the end result is always sweeter. Praise the Lord as the boy would say – which he regularly does, about anything that makes him happy – particularly being able to wear in green t shirt and shorts so he’s camouflaged on the fresh florida grass. He’s finding all sorts of ways to be brave – swimming well, scrambling lots and I even took him on a roped-up sky-trail, with obstacles set high over a play park, and actually are MY stomach churn. He aced it. Like a big cat.

Frame Collection 2

Lily came to visit for a few days (she’s still here because we are soooo cool ;) She’s just celebrated her 25th in Bogota so we had a second little tea party in the woods to welcome her. We also celebrated Sara’s 22nd birthday with a Despicable Me party and lots of minion related fun. Can you believe I STILL haven’t seen that movie?!

Then, unfortunately I left my beautiful clutch bag in a family bathroom, and it was swiftly lifted – along with my purse, driving licence, bank cards, boots card (boooooo) and all those important things you hope not to be parted from. C’est la vie. I was actually most upset about the purse and the bag than the contents, although the man spent a good few hours secretly scouring the net for a replacement bag which he bought me! Love it! Love him.

Frame Collection 3

The cousins are all much in love – Noah and Leo look like brothers,and Stella-Boo loves to fetch his food, change his …diapers… and they sing the sweetest of songs to him. Broody? Me? Noooooooooo ;)



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